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It’s all started since 1996 with construction passion, since then we've proven a great development in the real estate development sector, our 25 years of experience has taught us that, we must aim to build the best quality over the years as we believe that it's all about the efficiency that lasts over time, at 2018 our shareholders-built Gates developments, to develop, build and market under one roof, so we know the requirements for valuable properties very well. shaping the entire value chain: from the idea to developing, financing, marketing, sales, and customer care. For individuals as well as for investors, our marketing department is associated in all development processes from the very beginning. With its deep understanding of mega-trends reflecting deep currents in society and target groups, it is an essential partner and source of inspiration for each project and acts as a main support for sales.


We got your back, our main target is to work with commitment in the most reliable and sustainable approach to build the communities that our clients are looking for, as we strive to build our strength from our client’s trust. 


Each of our projects is based on an idea. inspired by reflections on how life and work will be shaped in the future and by impulses from business, science, technology, and culture. from this, we develop high-quality concept properties that are comprehensively and holistically conceived for the future, In 2018 we launched our first project in the new capital Audaz administrative Twin building, where it was built on an area of 16,800 meters in the financial district, then we Launched our first residential community, Catalan, on an area of 40 acres in the heart of the R7, and we headed to the west, where we developed and delivered Plaza Espana project in Sheikh Zayed City, which is a mixed-use commercial project, and also, we launched a new project on the central axis in the heart of 6th of October City, the WestGate project, which is a medical commercial administrative project. Finally, we launched our new project, venia, in the heart of the administrative capital, R7, on an area of 40 acres, with modern designs for apartments and villas, in this way we create places to live and work that meet our clients wishes even before they formulate them.

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