Administrative medical and retail Units Premium amenities .

Audaz, translates into Bold in Spanish, is the first Twin Building in the Financial District that dares to have it all. It spans an area of 16,800 sqm, featuring administrative, medical, and retail units that cater to today’s business needs.
It offers two interfaces on two main axes:
The First: A width of 94 meters away from El Masa Hotel, the largest City of Art and Culture in the world, and the entrance to the Government District.
The Second: A width of 45 meters away from the largest parks in the neighborhood of Financial District.


Accessible Location

The Best of All Worlds

AUDAZ is located at the Government’s Financial District in the New Capital, in close proximity to the Presidential Palace, the Council of Ministers, and Parliament.

The first Twin Building in the New Capital


It’s also a few steps away from the central train station, which includes a metro station and a monorail station as well.

AUDAZ is in the pulsating heart of the New Capital, only minutes away from:
Expo City & Mega Mall.
City of Culture and Arts, Museum & The Opera.
Ministries and Government area.

The Central Commercial Zone & Central Bank.
El Massa Hotel & New Capital Airport.
Mohammed Bin Zayed Northern Extension.


Open Court Landscape

Separate Entrance


Property / Facility Management Company

Fire Protection

Cafes and Restaurants



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